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Technical Certifications – should I or shouldn’t I?

Some companies want them, and for others it does not impact their operations….. but what you have to ask yourself is what benefit can they bring YOU! Bottom line: Technical & Professional certifications are valuable to obtain if they are considered valuable in your field. I predominantly work in the Technical Infrastructure Supportspace and in the current competitive market I’m […]

Multiple jobs, one employer…. how to format your CV!

A friend of mine has inspired this mornings blog post.  She has been with her present company for over seven years and is currently taking on, what she feels, to be the daunting task of updating her CV and LinkedIn profile. If like her, you have gone through a number of positions; either moving horizontally, taking […]

Interview Preparation: The SPREAD Technique

When it comes to an Interview, it is all about first impressions. Being prepared is essential to making a good one! You have applied for a position; your skills and experience are coming up as a match to the requirement and subsequently you have been called to interview. Do not do yourself an injustice! Put […]

Refer a Friend

Here at Ipsus we believe in six degrees of separation, there is no doubt that each one of us knows someone, that knows someone… that maybe suitable for one of our roles and on the lookout! We want you to think of friends, colleagues and contacts within your network so we can get them working in […]

The KISS of Life for the Technical CV

Reviewing, revising and at times re-writing CV’s in full, has happened on more occasions than I wish to admit, but it’s worth it when you finally have a ‘pièce de résistance’ that you know represents your candidate at their best as well as providing the correct and relevant information to the client.