Refer a Friend

Here at Ipsus we believe in six degrees of separation, there is no doubt that each one of us knows someone, that knows someone… that maybe suitable for one of our roles and on the lookout!

We want you to think of friends, colleagues and contacts within your network so we can get them working in a job they enjoy!

To say thanks for putting your thinking cap on we’d like to reward you for anyone we successfully place; enter our Refer a friend scheme:

If you refer someone to us that we place (either permanently or in a contract of 3 months or more), we would be delighted to share our success with you and give you a gift voucher for your assistance.


  • The candidate put forward cannot already be on our database. If they are, your referral is only valid if we have not contacted or spoken to them within 8 months
  • If they contact us directly or apply for the role via any method (website, social media, job boards etc) before your referral, then your referral is invalid
  • The candidate put forward must be placed within 12 months of your referral date
  • The candidate must be authorised & eligible to work in Ireland


  • You submit your friend’s name, CV & contact details to Ipsus directly, we can then confirm whether your referral is already on our database &/or contacted within the last 8 months. If we don’t already have them, you pass on the full details.
  • If they are subsequently placed, you are eligible for a gift voucher (to the value of €150) 4 weeks after their start date.


  • Ipsus reserves the right to offer an alternative reward of the same value at any time
  • We reserve the right to decline any referral without explanation – This is essential so as not to compromise our candidate and client confidentiality
  • Under no circumstances will we pay more than one placement fee per candidate or opportunity. For the avoidance of doubt, if a candidate referred to us was employed on a fixed-term contract or on a consultancy basis, and the candidate subsequently becomes employed on a full or part-time permanent basis or, in the case of a fixed term contract, that contract is renewed or extended, no placement fee is payable in respect of that change in employment status.
  • It is understood that we obtain similar referral services from other third parties and receive direct applications from candidates and clients. In the event that we receive a particular candidate’s CV or opportunity from more than two parties we will in general treat the application received first in time as the only application received in respect of that candidate or opportunity. We will inform all parties we have received a prior application from another third party source within a reasonable time of the candidate or opportunity being referred.
  • In the event that two or more parties refer a candidate or opportunity to us we may decide, at our sole discretion, which party is entitled to the placement fee, or to distribute the placement fee equally or unequally among the two or more referring parties. In any event, the total fees paid to all parties in respect of each candidate/opportunity shall not exceed the agreed fee structure for a permanent or contractor placement
  • We reserve the right to change/discontinue the referral scheme at any time with one months’ notice.

Let’s get people working in jobs they enjoy, start sending in those CVs!